Hello World

For the longest time I debated whether I should blog. I was concerned about whether I was ready to publish my writings for the world to see—even though most likely not very many people would read what I had to write. Eventually I realized that although my writing is far from perfect, practice is the only way to improve. Plus, a blog could be a good outlet to share cool ideas.

Also, I was tired of just consuming content. Yes, reading books and blogs is a great way to learn but reading is passive. The passive activity of reading ought to be accompanied by a more active and creative pursuits—in this case writing.

I will figure out the focus of this blog as I go along but my interests will direct the topics that I cover.  Expect to see writings ranging from subjects of business to technology, philosophy to psychology, and what ever else captures my interest as a college student and aspiring entrepreneur.

It feels good to finally say this to the world of the interweb, hello world!

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