The Power of a Couple of Links: A Beginner’s Endorsement of Social Media

For my last blog post, I put the link into a comment on Tim Ferriss’ blog and submitted the post to Hacker News. This was the first time I tried doing anything to promote a blog post… and it wasn’t much.

Those two tiny things led to 180 site visits in the following three days. This is tiny by large website traffic terms.

For a new blogger though, getting anybody to visit my blog and who knows–even hear about my idea–is pretty cool.

Having 100+ people visiting one’s own site is pretty remarkable. Think, before the internet, it would be hard to find a place where you could share your ideas with that many people. Now you have the platform–blogs and others– and the audience is just a few links away. How awesome is that?

I still have no real idea what I am doing in terms of blogging. I am still a beginner. I was so nervous (and so lazy) about blogging for so long. I just kept saying I would start later. Excuses! I am glad that I finally decided to start.*

And you should get started too. At the very least you will improve your writing ability and you will have a way to share your views with the world. Think of all of the cognitive surplus just laying dormant. Even though tons more people are creating (in many different forms), most are still just consuming.

I know, I used to just consume information, videos, etc. and produce nothing. It is so much easier, but in the words of Paul GrahamIf you have two choiceschoose the harder.”

So, go for it, take the chance and make something. Then share it with the world.

* Thanks bro for the encouragement